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Monday, May 26, 2008

Hyperlinks—To Underline or Not To Underline, That Is The Question

This week at BLaST Creative Web Design, we’d like to talk about hyperlinks or what you’ve probably heard called by it’s shortened named, links, are words or images that help with navigation, they take you to another part of the web page that you are on or even to another web page or web site entirely when you click on them.

In most cases the links that are present in the body of text are underlined and their color is different from the surrounding text, making it easier for visitors to spot your links. And in most instances, if you hover your mouse over them they will change color.

At BLaST Creative we like to be different, so we designed our website different from others including when it comes to the links. We did not applying the underline under the links. It’s really an easy thing to do, but we realized that our visitors would are familiar with the underline and but we wanted our site to be different, familiar as well, and we believed that people have had enough experience with the web that they will know to click on the navigation tabs without an underline.

Basically, you don’t have to underline your links, you can be different, but consider your visitors and what you are trying to accomplish? Is it worth not underlining your links?

At BLaST Creative, we decided to be different and unique by not underlining our links. You can too! Links are good and very beneficial for marketing, so answer the question for yourself to underline or not to underline and link away!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why Businesses Need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services?

More than 70% of online consumers start their quest for a product, service or support call using a search engine. If you’re a business owner, how can you honestly afford NOT to be associated with this massive audience?

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to miss such opportunities. As a business owner you can use search engine optimization to drive more business from people who have never even heard of you before.

You need SEO Services, Internet Marketing Services and link building campaigns that work. SEO services and Internet marketing services will help generate sales for your business while increasing website traffic naturally. You need a search engine optimization strategy and link building campaign specifically designed for your websites products and services,natural SEO services and organic website promotion.

Achieving better rankings begins with proper web site optimization; a great link building strategy and well planned online marketing goals. But beware, some website services use tricks or claim to have secret tips they can't share with you. Your SEO provider should be able to share everything with you and strictly follow Yahoo, MSN and Google web master guidelines. If you have questions they should be clearly explained, as well explaining their site promotion techniques. SEO services should utilize top website optimization tools to analyze the top competitor websites.

Do you need expert search engine optimization services or top search engine rankings in organic results pages? BLaST Creative's experienced Internet marketing combines the highest quality website promotion strategies, link building campaigns and search engine placement to help you rank better.

SEO and link building strategies aren't just about fixing Meta data and submitting your site to directories. Quality link building will provide you hundreds to thousands of incoming links pointing directly to your website.

At BLaST Creative we will develop a link-building plan that is long lasting. Our services have an excellent track record increasing website rankings naturally. Highly competitive keywords will need a custom link building strategy to achieve higher rankings. This will also increase link popularity in the top engines. We use several variations of your keywords in your back links to get the perfect balance. This is important due to recent Google updates.

Pay per click advertising: If your company needs instant traffic during the website design process, we can provide help with online advertising. Maximize your current ad budget.

Growing Companies:

Companies can maximize budgets and web exposure with our business website solutions. Many companies simply can't afford a high monthly budget.

Website submission: Each URL submission to search engines. Do you need to keep your site rankings or link popularity up? The way to do that is with directories, press releases, article and Blog submissions that provide your website tons of new back links. Save by bundling your Meta Tags, URL submissions and keyword research. Have your website reviewed today and see the positive affect that BLaST Creative's Internet marketing services can have on your business! Learn more about our search engine optimization service, pricing or web tools contact BLaST Creative today.

If you are a business owner in any of these genres, financial, photographers, dentists, hotels, restaurants, construction, HVAC, hardware stores, real estate, or any business owner and want more information on SEO Services, please contact Blast Creative today!