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Sunday, April 27, 2008

How Can I Spend My Economic Stimulus Check?

Are you wondering what to spend your economic stimulus check on? If so, how about your front yard and backyard, give your home a face-lift with outdoor landscaping. The front of your house is the most visible, you want passers-by to stop, to admire your landscape and you want a PA landscaper like Designer Landscaping PA to turn your backyard into a personal outdoor oasis.

Backyard Allentown PA Landscaping Installations

You may think that backyard installations can have better or worse value return. And you would be correct a costly gazebo or storage shed wouldn’t have the same installation cost-to-property value ratio as a reasonably priced pond or swimming pool. Your first question when considering Allentown PA landscaping is what backyard landscaping project fits your lifestyle, that will tell which project to undertake.

If you dream of afternoon barbecues then a deck is something that you may want to consider investing in. If you preference is a calm, quiet evening dining, you mat want to consider a patio. If you like to retreat in your backyard to enjoy the peace, to meditate and enjoy nature then a pond/waterfall combination may be ideal. A swimming pool can be an amazing addition that the whole family can enjoy. Your Designer Landscaping PA backyard landscaping should be unique, not trendy, unless you're sure it fits your lifestyle and/or you plan on selling your home in the next few years.

Cashing that economic stimulus check, planning for the future can mean more than just spending more on your installation project or getting the most bang for your buck. A frequent example of this is an above ground swimming pool installation. If you have children, they may bug you to put in a swimming pool. Spending more on this swimming pool may increase its lifetime by an extra ten years. It may seem like a good idea at the time, but once the kids leave for college, you may not want the pool or the maintenance.

You could invest that extra money and in ten years use that money to replace the swimming pool. Designer Landscaping PA above ground swimming pool is one of the easiest installations to replace. Digging the foundation for the swimming pool is also natural ground preparation for a garden or patio.

Backyard Allentown PA Landscaping Care and Maintenance

Basic landscaping care and maintenance can be more about getting the most for your money. Planting or removing trees or other plants can provide many options and several of them can save you money and still accomplish comparable effects. Existing topsoil can often be revitalized in a relatively short amount of time at a significantly cheaper price. The most important thing is to ask a lot of questions before you make any actual plans. Talking to a Designer landscaping PA professional about what you want for your backyard landscaping is the best thing that you can do. Be sure to ask what your options are and make sure you can justify each decision to yourself.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

BLaST Creative SEO Services and SEO Copywriting

SEO Services and SEO Copywriting is taking off in our world today. Utilizing search engine optimization services can level the playing field for any business.

BLaST Creative SEO Services
come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the cost can get really pricey as well. There is copyediting, copywriting, keywords, press releases, meta tags, blogs and the list goes on and on. And while it can be overwhelming, hiring an SEO Service Provider can make your Internet Marketing issues much easier to deal with, hire an expert to make sure that it's done correctly.

What to look for in an SEO Service Provider:

• Copywriting
• Copyediting
• Utilization of keywords
• Link building
• Web content
• Top Ranking in search engines
• Pay per click advertising

What can an SEO Service Provider do for you? What difference can they make for you and your business? And more importantly, what can you afford for Internet Marketing? Can your SEO Service Provider cross over to all avenues of advertising and marketing?

As a business owner, you need to define your marketing needs, and the amount of time and money that you want to invest in your marketing campaign.

And last but certainly not least, the exciting news about SEO Services is that thanks to the cyberspace, your SEO Service marketer can live anywhere and provide you with optimal results.

For more information on SEO Services and SEO Copywriting, please contact BLaST Creative.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

SEO Services and Copywriting for Search Marketing

The first thing that you need to know about SEO services and copywriting for search marketing is that content is key. Whether or not your website will make it in the vast world of cyberspace depends on your ability to write compelling, targeted copy. Successful copywriting will help with your ROI by keeping visitors on your site, it will make you stand out from your competitors and gives you an edge with the search engines.

There are two main things that you need to achieve with SEO Copywriting, first you have to write expert content that will appeal to your reader, and second you need to make it appeal to the search engines. You will also need to use targeted keywords to successfully deliver your message.

SEO Copywriting

Search Engine Optimization Copywriting (SEO Copywriting) is a combination of writing text so that not only reads well for your viewers, but also is also appealing to the needs of the various search engines. If your site text is missing the words that are commonly searched-upon by users in the search engines you won't get the rankings you want. And then there is the flip side, if you stuff your text with keywords and forget about your customers' needs, you'll be considered a spammer and get booted from the engines. So what’s a person to do to make everyone happy? Oh, the pressure!

You craft original content pages that include just enough leading key terms to appeal to the engines. Effective SEO copywriting is one of the most important things that you can do because it will put you in a better position for you content to be seen by the search engines and prospective clients, thereby increasing both traffic and conversions.

High School English

Remember when you were in high school and you asked yourself why do I have to learn this stuff? When am I ever going to use this stupid inverted pyramid? The answer to that question is today my friend, today. When creating your text, reach into that scrapbook in your memory and pull up that picture of the upside-down triangle.

The base or the beginning of your upside down triangle should contain your most important content or keywords, the bottom or the tip should hold the details or the least important information. Using the inverted pyramid, also known as the upside-down triangle, method is important because it projects a clear summary of what you will be discussing to your viewers. Based on this information the reader determines if they are interested in reading your entire text it is also called the hook. Putting your keywords within the first 200 words of your text will increase your chances of tantalizing their taste buds while making you search engine friendly at the same time.

Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs, Lots of Content

There is no rule out there for writing the perfect copy, and there isn’t a magical number for the amount of words that you need in your copy. Having said that, most SEO experts recommend around 250 to 500 words per page, with one to four targeted search terms strategically placed within the text. Your keywords need to flow with the page and content and not sound forced or like you are trying to stuff your content with keywords.

When designing your page keep in mind that most Internet readers scan your page in search of keywords. They only way that you are going to get them to stop and read your content is if they see something that appeals to them. Keep your sentences short and direct, but don't hold back on content, the more content the better! Short paragraphs are key. If your content is all in one paragraph, your viewers will look at it and click to some other site, because they want short, quick, and easy. So write short paragraphs and utilize a lot of white space. Remember to use bullet points, bold and italicized text for emphasis. Doing so will make it easier for the reader to spot key points.

Before You Draft Your Content Know Your Keywords

Before you draft your content know your keywords. This will make it so much easier to create effective copy from the start than to go back and try to stuff keywords into already written text.

When I write copy, I like to use 1 or 2 keywords per paragraph. And you should also know that search engines generally give more weight to the first 200 words within a page. So it is vital to make sure that keywords are used appropriately near the top of the page and proportionally throughout the page. Also, don't forget to use keywords in your headlines. Most search engines deem a headline to be one of the most important sections of the copy. Including text in your headline will give it additional weight.

So now do you think that you are done? Sorry, but you are just beginning, your reader and the search engines have one basic need, they love content, especially when it is updated and relevant. There are few things more effective in promoting your site than regularly updating that site with fresh copy. Frequent updates will help your company to solidify its Internet presence and keep customers’ happy and coming back, as well as helping you with the search engines. Regular updates will cause your site to be regularly crawled by the search engines and lead to higher rankings.

Friday, April 4, 2008

BLaST Creative and CSS Stylish Sheets

At BLaST Creative we use HTML to control almost every part of the look and feel of your website, from the fonts and colors you want, to the position of elements on the page. By using CSS or cascading style sheets, it’s a better way to control the look of your website.

CSS is used in conjunction with HTML, the HTML tags mark up your web page, while the CSS control the elements on the page look and where they go.

A website’s css is usually stored in a separate file which the individual HTML web pages call in. The advantage of this is that one css file can control the look of your entire site. So, if you want to change the color of all the text on your site, you just make one small change in the file and it’s done.

CSS has quite a few other advantages over just using HTML. CSS sites are quicker to download, they get better search engine rankings, they’re easier to adapt for mobile phones, PDAs and web tv and they’re more accessible to people with disabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about web design, web marketing, SEO or article marketing please email me for further information.