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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Social Media Marketing Tips by Blast Creative and Brenda Segna

Here is another great social media networking tip brought to you by Blast creative and Brenda Segna.

The most frequent question that I get asked is what time of the day should I make my posts on Facebook and Twitter and how often should I post?

The answer is going to vary depending on your target audience. Who is your target audience? What age range? What demographic?

If you are targeting high school teenagers, you don’t want to post before school gets out—for most that’s between 3 to 4. If you’re targeting college students—you have more flexibility if jobs don’t interfere.

For stay at home mom’s, early morning, mid-morning, early afternoon and evening. They have more flexibility with their time and typically spend a little more time on Facebook and Twitter.

Business Owner and Marketing Professionals-they are doing social media networking all day long and into the evening. Your posts for this genre have the best chance of reaching their targeted market anytime.

The general population-people working 9 to 5-you need to post early morning, before 7 a.m. or late evening after 8 p.m. They may check their pages on Facebook and Twitter periodically throughout the day on their cell phones, but the apps on cell phones are limited. So if you want to be sure that you reach your targeted audience, post before 7 in the morning or after 8 in the evening.

How often should you post? The first thing to remember that is people can get sick of all your posts rather quickly and can “unfriend” or “unlike” you with one little click of the mouse! I recommend a minimum of 5 posts per week. 1 per day, Monday thru Friday! Don’t make all of your posts about business either. Nobody wants to get hit up with a sales pitch every time they log-in into Facebook or Twitter.

Use positive quotes, funny videos from YouTube, share something about your business that is personal. A charity event, a night out with staff and post pictures! You can tag your friends in the pictures and all of their friends will see it!

Have different staff members make post—they should always identify themselves so that everyone knows who they are talking to!

You have the potential to reach the largest audience in history if you utilize your Facebook and Twitter pages correctly! Be smart, have fun and watch your ROI go through the roof!

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Every Company/Business No Matter What Size Needs To Be Social

By Blast creative and Brenda Segna

When I first joined Facebook it was to reconnect with high school classmates, to share pictures and updates with relatives who lived in Canada, Italy and across the country. But today, Social Media has revolutionized the way that we do business! Social Media Sites assist companies to give up to the date information to their clients and to receive comments and/or feedback from their clients/customers instantly!

Social Media has become the key to many companies, celebrities, and non-profits success. Has your company tapped into this powerful market yet?

According to The Wall Street Journal, the city of New York is seeking to hire an in-house social media specialist to handle their Facebook and Twitter accounts, confirming the fact that Social Media is the new frontier! It used to be that you had to run ads in the newspaper or magazines to reach your targeted audience, not anymore, thanks to Social Media Sites!

Should you tweet or use Facebook? Absolutely and use both! These social media platforms provide a powerful stage for success! For most of us, these sites have proven invaluable, driving sales and awareness like no other tool in history has done before!

If you are a new startup company, then part of your strategic planning should include social media sites! Part of your marketing budget needs to be earmarked for Social Media Marketing if you want to succeed in today’s world and stay steps ahead of your competition.

The world of Social Media is massive, the do’s and the don’ts, how to reach your targeted audience and the list goes on. It overwhelms many business owners and that is where Blast creative comes into play. They have a finely tuned process that enables them to gain the right exposure that will drive sales and company awareness for your business.

Business owners need to realize the importance of Social Media Marketing and the ability of these social media sites to gain the attention of your targeted market.

Blast creative assists business owners like financial, photographers, dentists, hotels, restaurants, construction, HVAC, hardware stores, real estate and others by managing every aspect of your social networking experience. We know all the social media lingo, we are continuously attending seminars and classes to learn the latest applications and tools, Blast creative can make a buzz about your business that will make an impact.

Over the past 5 years there has been a dramatic increase for Social Media Coaches/Specialists to assist business owners to correctly run their social media campaigns so that businesses are effective in obtaining customer attention and interaction!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established business or just starting out, the use of Social Media in the year 2010 is key to the success of your business. This path of awareness supersedes traditional marketing paths and puts a real value on the customer base you are targeting. Word of mouth can now be found on Social Media Sites!

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