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Friday, May 10, 2013

Michael Mace Billings MT

From Resume.com An executive with long experience in the private sector, Michael R. Mace was chosen in 2005 as president of Rocky Mountain College specifically because of his business acumen. The private, liberal arts school in Billings, Montana had suffered five consecutive years of budget deficits but during his tenure Mr. Mace has engineered a remarkable financial and academic turnaround at the school. Within a year and a half, Michael Mace had eliminated Rocky Mountain College’s operational deficit and reduced the college’s overall debt by 20%. Before he came to Rocky Mountain College, Michael Mace had spent more than 15 years as the founding partner of Sterling Acceptance Corporation/D&M Industries, one of the nation’s leading value-added manufacturers and distributors of doors, windows, and other building supplies to residential and commercial clients. His accomplishments at D&M Industries include presiding over a 12% annual revenue growth rate and growing earnings per share by more than 21%. He also helped pioneer the key-card lock movement in the American hotel and lodging industry. In 2005, he sold D&M Industries and was named president of Rocky Mountain College, whose Board considered the business sector its best resource for leadership in helping the college overcome its persistent budgetary and accreditation issues. Through a combination of administrative savvy and financial expertise, he has helped RMC balance its budget, reaffirm its accreditation, and increase enrollment by 59%. He will be retiring from the RMC presidency in 2013 in order to re-enter the private sector. Alongside his work with RMC, Mr. Mace stays involved in his local community. A former board member of St. Vincent Hospital, he works closely with charities such as the American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Peace Institute. Mr. Mace holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in accounting and finance from Montana State University. A graduate of the Minnesota Executive Program at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson Graduate School, he has also completed an Institutional Education Management program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Objectives As the President of Rocky Mountain College, Michael R. Mace oversees an institution that is ranked by US News and World Report as one of the Top 10 liberal arts schools in the western United States. Education Harvard Graduate School Of Education Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston, MA Graduated: July 2011 Grade: Institutional Educat University Of Minnesota - Carlson Graduate School University of Minnesota - Carlson Graduate School of Management, Minneapolis, MN Graduated: January 1996 Grade: MBA Montana State University Montana State University, Bozeman, MT Graduated: January 1974 Grade: Bachelor of Science Employment History January 2005 – Present: President Company: Rocky Mountain College Billings, MT Appointed president after 5 year college financial crisis because of business background. January 1989 – January 2005: Founding Partner Company: Sterling Acceptance Corporation/D&M Indu Fargo, ND Privately held asset holding company with investments in emerging middle market assembly manufacturing construction supply firms - Senior Level, Self-directed Entrepreneurial Executive. o Directed company revenue growth at an annual compound rate of 12%; Earnings per share growth at 21½%; Return on Stockholder equity at 26% January 1975 – Present: Owner Company: Mace Holdings LLP Billings, MT •Past General Contractor - Land and Housing Development; Annual Development and Construction Revenues, $13,500,000; Self employed in college as a general contractor under the Farmers Home Administration Housing Programs including land acquisition and development. •Originated Mutual Mortgage Group as an extension of corporate construction activities at Mace Holdings Inc. Grew into an FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter, packaging and selling into securitized mortgage pools for small rural Montana banks. [Sold to Montana banking institution in 1988] •Former Montana Real Estate Broker – Certified Commercial Investment Member, National Association of Realtors; 1983 CCIM Certificate #1913 oConsultant Specialization – Alternative Conflict Resolution and Principled Negotiation in reference to troubled bank real estate credits. •For Profit Board Member – Coal Black Liquids LLC – Coal Black Liquids LLC – Development and commercialization of CO2-neutral biological conversion of North Dakota/Montana coal for agricultural fertilization and environmental remediation. Professional Skills Finance – Expert Hobbies & Interests Past Board member of St. Vincent Hospital, past board member of Head Start, past board member of Rocky Mountain Bank, past board member of guardian technologies. Rotary member. Support American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club, the Peace Institute, the Yellowstone Art Museum. Supports the Billings Symphony. Past President of the Frontier Athletic Conference Counsel of Presidents NAIA, Fly Fishing, hiking, hunting, theatre both musical, symphony and opera.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reputation Management 2013 by Brenda Segna

One of the biggest things that we can do for any brand in 2013 is to stay on top of the reputation management. In our world of Social Media and so many sites where you can add content about anyone there has never been a greater need for reputation management. A case in point is Manti Te'O's Twitter hoax! He convinced the world that he had a girlfriend, unfortunately this bad press about Manti Te'O is true and he will have a lot to overcome and it won't be easy. Once it's on the net, it's on there for good. But unlike Manti Te'O there is bad press on Facebook for brands that is not true and uncalled for, some from misguided souls, enemies and bullies. Some bullies never grow up. Bullies are mean and don't think twice of ruining the reputation of a brand online. They don't think and don't care about consequences, they let their anger and hatred fuel them and drive them. But what does this mean for the Brand? It means you need to stay on top of all information put on the web about you. You need to share so much positive information, truth about your brand on the web. When you respond to the negativity, never attack, always respond positively. Don't get in a pissing match on the web with your bully or hater. It will only hurt you in the end. To find out what is being said about your brand on the web, signup for Google Alerts! This will enable you to stay on top of things. If someone comments or posts negativity about your brand, remember to only come back with positive comments. "Brenda has helped me understand Brand Reputation Management and has done a great job for my company," said John Baugues of John Baugues Coal.
john baugues
john baugues

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brenda Segna Gets Down To The Basics

I love my job and every day brings new fun and new challenges. I have never been one to shy away from challenges, but I don't like being mean to people. And being mean is how some people choose to be online. Being mean, bullying, it doesn't end in high school. Some people just don't know when to stop! They don't get the facts straight and even when they are supplied they facts, they are so engrained in their negativity, their anger, their hurtfulness that they just don't know when to stop and they won't. They don't care if they hurt people, they don't care about anyone or anything but themselves. And because they don't care, I have clients who come to me for reputation management! Unfortunately reputation management or cleaning up all of the garbage online takes a long time. Especially if the bully keeps on attacking and won't back down. I have my bully that I deal with and just the time I think it's under control, she comes back at me attacking again. So for me it's an ongoing thing! Reputation Management isn't always easy. I have a client who has a bully in his life too. His bully pays thousands of dollars each month to keep attacking my client online. The lie that he is spreading is intended to destroy my client. Business can be so competitive that people will do anything to destroy a competitor. You don't have to be in politics to have a smear campaign done against you. My biggest piece of advice, if there is negative info about you or your company online, don't wait, get on top of it as soon as possible and keep on top of it! It's time we all take a stand against bullying online!