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Friday, January 8, 2010

5 Big Things That Will Impact You with Google Caffeine

1. Social Media Sites is where it’s at! Twitter and Facebook have moved up in the ranks. With Google indexing Twitters and Facebook syncing it’s post with Twitter. This is good news for the little guy who is working his social media sites; this can really help with your search updates.

2. On and Off the Site Optimization Still Counts! When it’s all said and done, best practices still apply. Staying focused on this area keeps your program focused on gaining sustainable long-term natural search benefits, and not taking a backward-looking approach that just may jeopardize future returns for the sake of trying to spare last week's positive algorithmic bias. This means paying attention to core elements like content, link structure, site architecture and structure, promotion in the right offsite networks, and all other general best practices.

3. The index size, or “competition,” of single keyword search relevance will increase. Your web site will compete against a larger pool of web catalog pages indexed for single word brand or head terms. It appears that Google will index more pages on the Web, so the prospective “results pool” will be greater and thus more competitive for those trying to get to the top of the page. This adds value for searchers because it will possibly increase the preciseness of results.

4. You’ll see a boost in relevance for long-tail searches.In contrast to the increased number of pages being indexed for single word brand and head terms, the index size for multi-keyword phrase searches in Caffeine appears to yield less competition via Google’s Web catalog / Index. Therefore, if Google were to get a “Caffeine” jolt, your pages would likely compete against a smaller pool of pages for more exacting searches. This might be the key to Google’s logic when it comes to improving accuracy. This could also give larger brands an advantage for their product and deep level pages, which could potentially see a boost in relevance for long-tail searches.

5. You’ll get results (SERPs) in half the time, on average.While it would be hard to notice with the naked eye, the new engine appears to generate SERPs in half the time. This would improve usability and user experience on Google. After all, searchers want accuracy– but they also don’t like waiting around.

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