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Friday, April 4, 2008

BLaST Creative and CSS Stylish Sheets

At BLaST Creative we use HTML to control almost every part of the look and feel of your website, from the fonts and colors you want, to the position of elements on the page. By using CSS or cascading style sheets, it’s a better way to control the look of your website.

CSS is used in conjunction with HTML, the HTML tags mark up your web page, while the CSS control the elements on the page look and where they go.

A website’s css is usually stored in a separate file which the individual HTML web pages call in. The advantage of this is that one css file can control the look of your entire site. So, if you want to change the color of all the text on your site, you just make one small change in the file and it’s done.

CSS has quite a few other advantages over just using HTML. CSS sites are quicker to download, they get better search engine rankings, they’re easier to adapt for mobile phones, PDAs and web tv and they’re more accessible to people with disabilities.

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