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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BLaST Creative Copywriting for Your Website

When I write an article for a magazine or newspaper, I get straight to the point. It’s necessary to have a hook in the first paragraph or you lose your reader. So you have to start with the facts immediately!

People surf the web in a similar manner to the way that they skim newspapers, stopping to read stories and/or blogs that grab their attention and they leave your site as soon as they get bored. So lets cover a few steps that will assist you in writing attention-grabbing copy.

The intro

When you are writing copy, the most important part of your content is the first sentence. In 30 words or less it is necessary for you to grab your readers attention and explain what it is that you want them to know. A boring intro can send your readers to another site.

Begin your drama from the first word

Try to make the first word of your copy as dramatic as possible. For example which of these intros do you like the best?

Having already burned 300 acres, the Cascade fire is still burning out of control.

Cascade Fire Crews brace for weather.

The five Ws and an H

So now that you have an intro it’s time to help your reader discover the rest of the story and you don’t want to leave them with any questions.
So reread your copy and make sure that you’ve answered the following questions:

• Who
• What
• When
• Where
• Why
• How

In everyarticle or copy, you’ll need to tell your readers what happened, who or what did it, but don’t worry about answering all six questions in the first paragraph.

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