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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Social Media Marketing and Ethics

What has happened to us since we've gone online or the internet has taken over our lives? I have never witnessed so much dishonesty or so many people try to swindle others!

For us here at Blast creative, we spend a good amount of time each week, correcting or cleaning up after businesses who have taken advantage of the innocent! It gets old after awhile and I have to admit, I wonder when people will still pooling their resources and go after these companies that are swindling them out of their hard earned cash!

Social Media Marketing, search engine optimization, online marketing, none of it comes cheap, it costs money, but you should get what you pay for and you shouldn't have to worry about getting ripped off. We need to start at least reporting these businesses to the Better Business Bureau so that they can compile a list and other business owners don't fall into the same trap!

If you need affordable, reliable social media marketing, online marketing, search engine optimization or web design, contact us at Blast creative, we are happy to help! We are honest, hard working and always deliver what we promise!

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